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SANG-PURE CLEAR SKIN COMBO KIT | 100% Natural Care for Acne / Pimple Removal & Improving Skin Tone | 1 Face Wash (70 ml) + 2 Bath Bars (100 gm)

SANG-PURE CLEAR SKIN COMBO KIT | 100% Natural Care for Acne / Pimple Removal & Improving Skin Tone | 1 Face Wash (70 ml) + 2 Bath Bars (100 gm)

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CLEAR SKIN COMBO KIT  contains 1 SANG-PURE Anti-Acne Face Wash & 2 SANG-PURE Bathing Bars.

SANG-PURE Anti-Acne Face Wash

Is an advance natural care for acne and uneven skin tone, It contains 100% natural essential oil and water soluble sulphur, specially formulated to fight acne and brighten uneven skin tone, it also has technically advanced micro foaming mechanism, by which this liquid cleanser transforms into delicate micro-bubbles that lift impurities from deep within pores, gently cleanses skin and remove excess oil.

How it works?

It contains key ingredients like Neem Leaf oil and Tea Tree oil that naturally fight acne bacteria preventing breakouts, while Shale oil and Borage oil regulates skin sebum production and controls inflammation, Aloe vera, Basil oil and Vitamin E rebuilt skin barrier and lighten hyperpigmentation spots.

SANG-PURE Anti-Acne Face Wash is Sulphate Free and Paraben Free and hence doesn’t irritate skin while being suitable for all skin types. With a pH balanced formula, it protects natural integrity of skin and does not dry skin with each wash.

Direction for use:

Specially formulated for Indian skin and Indian climate, SANG-PURE Anti-Acne Face Wash is Clinically Proven to kill acne causing bacteria and Clinically Validated to reduce visible signs of acne and prevent new breakouts in 7 days of usage (using minimum three times a day).


  • Fights acne, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads in 7 days
  • Effectively reduces redness and inflammation
  • Lightens acne related marks and evens out other hyperpigmentation, giving skin a clean even tone
  • Controls excessive oil production preventing new breakouts without drying skin
  • pH balanced formula with 100% natural essential oils, vitamins and unique cosmeceutical grade shale oil; Non Irritating, Non Comedogenic, Sulphate (SLS and SLES) free, Paraben free
  • Advanced self Micro-foaming™ technology goes deep into pores to clean dirt, oil, makeup, etc.



    Is an advanced natural anti-infective bathing bar enriched with intensively researched extracts of anti-bacterial herbs. It effectively cleanses and fights epidermal microorganism preventing skin infection and eruptions. It also moisturizes skin and helps to heal lesions.

    How it works?

    • Neem: Controls epidermal microbial growth and combats acne and skin eruptions
    • Shale oil: Soothes inflamed and irritating skin lesions
    • Yashtimadhu: Restores moisture to dry and scaly skin
    • Anantmool: Helps rapidly heal lesions and restores smooth and supple skin

    Direction for use

    Gently massaging SANG-PURE ANTI ACNE BATH BAR over the body till it creates a sufficient lather and then Rinse off thoroughly with water.


    • Contains clinically proven anti-microbial and antifungal herbs such as Neem, Daruharidra and Karanj
    • Revolutionary, as it employs for the first time, Ichthyol Pale from Germany that contains anti-Inflammatory and anti-fungal properties
    • Instantly soothes irritating skin and prevents excessive perspiration and odour
    • Fights epidermal infection to combat acne and skin eruptions
    • Nourishes, cleanses and moisturizes the skin
    • Promotes cellular repair and helps to heal skin lesions
    • Contains 100% pure glycerine

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