About Millennium Herbal Care

doctor watching through microscope

“The greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you” - Joyce Meyer, life coach. While there is no substitute for maintaining good health through a balanced diet, exercise and clean lifestyle, for those of us who need additional help, nature’s lap provides us with necessary ingredients having healing powers that supplement and augment good health. The challenge of science is not only finding those nutrients in nature, but to use them in the most judicious and holistic way.

We at Millennium Herbal Care Limited specialize in formulating, manufacturing and marketing proprietary blends, plant-based medicinal and beauty products. With over sixty years of dedicated research, development, and expertise in promoting and managing health care, both natural and modern, Millennium Herbal has an excellent track record for par excellence R&D, quality norms, and efficacy deliverance.

 Our vision is to ensure optimal potency, safety and the highest quality of herbal healthcare products across the world. Incorporating tried and tested natural recipes, our products will help you experience evidence based natural healthcare in the safest and surest way possible. Today, we offer you a range of over seventy highly effective ‘all natural’ phyto-therapy formulations for chronic and acute segments that encompass ancient Ayurvedic wisdom using modern scientific processes and techniques, resulting in Millennium Herbal products being widely accepted across the world.

We are proud that our unrelenting efforts over the past decade and half have won the confidence of the medical community and patients alike. For the entire team at Millennium Herbal, the real satisfaction lies in the testimonials, feedback and blessings our products evoke from our valued customers. We welcome you join us in this journey.