Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS)

At Millennium Herbal Care, our Research and Development team is remarkably busy. They work on new projects based on the inputs received from the marketing and business development teams. This yields innovative new products using the best of natural ingredients that meet the needs of the end consumer.

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They also work on new products based on market trends, trying to pre-empt demand to offer an early mover advantage. This practice has allowed Millennium Herbal to create a large library of new products that may or may not commercialized internally and are hence available for immediate launch by other pharmaceutical companies.

Our CRAMS business was born out of this practice and grew with the industry wide acknowledgment that our formulations, especially in the dermatology, trichology, and cosmeceutical segments, have an edge in terms of efficacy and superior customer experience.

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Currently, we work with small and large pharmaceutical, nutraceutical. cosmetics and healthcare companies, to strengthen their portfolio of therapeutic skin and hair care products. Our model is a Strategic Development and Manufacturing Partnership that starts with a market requirement brief and ends with your branded finished product delivered to your warehouse.

MHCL CRAMS Advantage:

  • OVER 50 YEARS OF R&D EXPERIENCE: Our team members, headed by the Chairman, Mr. H.I. Gandhi, have formulated some of the leading pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical brands (Alex Cough Syrup, Alex Lozenges, Sensur roll-on, Flucort, Imidil, Keraglo AD Shampoo, CutiYT G Lotion, SOVA range, etc.)
  • RAW MATERIAL SUPPLIER AGNOSTIC: we source from the best certified raw material manufacturers across the world and are not representing or contracted by any of them, hence assuring the best ingredients to match your products requirements, without commercial bias.
  • PACKAGING MATERIAL SUPPLIER AGNOSTIC: we already have some of the finest packaging material suppliers as registered vendors with our company. Our existing business with them ensures that the processes, commercials, and quality of service is optimized. If you have preferred vendors, we would be happy to work with them after our due diligence.
  • cGMP APPROVED MANUFACTURING SITES: Our manufacturing supervisory team consists of production and quality control chemists with over 100 years of collective experience. We work with numerous manufacturing facilities that match both, the customer’s, and our requirements, with each site subject to annual audits.
  • EXCLUSIVITY: We ensure our customer retains the advantage we create for them; hence the same product will never be used internally or given to a competitor without prior approval.
  • COST EFFECTIVENESS: We do not charge an upfront development fee. If you do not like our formulation, we will not charge you for it! Our margins are appropriated across the life cycle of the product with tech transfer possibilities always available.
  • END-TO-END: We undertake any new development as a turn-key project, from concept to finished product.
  • FINANCIAL SOLVENCY RELIABILTY: Millennium Herbal is blessed to have a strong balance sheet supported by a committed promoter family and a diverse range of businesses, not allowing your brand to be at risk of supply chain insolvency and hence always be market available.

Our Process

For your next dermatology, trichology or cosmeceutical project, we request you to experience team Millennium Herbal - offering the advantages of a highly innovative team and well established business practices to support your relentless efforts in marketing with the best in class products.

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