Quality Standards of Millennium Herbal Care

At Millennium Herbal Care, our obsession for quality is only second to our dedication to our customers’ health and safety. Our long experience in the modern pharmaceutical industry, taught us all that is right and wrong with it. While leaving the toxic ingredients behind, we brought with us the quality norms and systems followed by modern medicine, allowing us to create the highest quality standardized phtyo-therapies that deliver consistently and give physicians and patients a level of confidence in our products.

4 glass beakers

We have developed modern as well as traditional delivery mechanisms in the form of soft gel capsules (SGC), tablets, syrups, asavs, creams, and liniments, all aimed to make them work faster, better, safer and with long term benefits.

Each of our phyto-medicine or health supplement consists of a pure HPLC / HPTLC standardized plant extracts to verify purity, authenticity (TLC - fingerprinting) and availability of key constituents of the plant. The source of the herbs is either organic or wild crafted. Microbiology, Chemical, Pesticide and Free Metal analysis is done at both raw material and finished product stages to adhere to the highest quality and safety standards.

adding samples to tubes
doctor placing the tubes with blood in the stand

To further validate each phyto-therapy’s efficacy and safety, Millennium Herbal has conducted multi-centric, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials for its key products.