Optimum Therapeutic Dosage

The dosage or quantity of herbal and plant material inside a phyto-therapy or herbal supplement / medicine has utmost importance for achieving desired efficacy. Just as a large fire cannot be extinguished with few drops of water, similarly, using lower than recommended proportions of herbs is not a feasible solution for managing chronic or lifestyle health disorders.

ayurvedic tablets in spoons
someone pouring tablets in hand

Thus, the need for Optimum Therapeutic Dosage. At Millennium Herbal Care, we use a scientific corelation between the classical references of Ayurvedic texts and modern research on herbal ingredients to define an ideal optimum therapeutic dose of each ingredient.

There are no ‘token’ or ‘namesake’ ingredients. Each poly-herbal formulation is designed to induce corrective action required to give both symptomatic relief and balance the dosha in the user for addressing the root cause of the ailment.

Herbs tablets & essential oils
leaf, glass bottle & tablets

Too less of the dose will not give the desired result, whereas too much is analogous to harming the crop with abundant supply of water that is it may potentially harm the user’s health. Millennium Herbal Care’s phyto-therapies (plant-based products) have great distinction and sophistication for fortifying a healthy life.

To illustrate an example, our in-house Intellec tablets (give link to product) that caters to improving overall brain / cognitive function and reduce age related oxidative stress, contains a measured optimal dose 1250 mg of Brahmi in standardized extract form as per the classical texts and modern research to induce the right action in an individual.

Assuring that all patients receive an optimal dose is an important step for multiple benefits:

  • The user gets the desired efficacy and continues the therapy till
  • Best results are achieved
  • There is no potential side effect
  • Ensure that the faith in Ayurvedic herbs continues to be held high
  • These valuable natural materials are preserved without wastage