Nirgundi Patra (Vitex Negundo)

Ancient Ayurvedic texts praise the curative traits of “Nirgundi”, which in Sanskrit literally translates to “that which protects the body from diseases”. True to its name, this wonderful gift of Mother Nature offers some fantastic rewards for overall human health 
Studies have shown this herb to have the following actions:-

Anti-inflammatory and Analgesic: Negundo leaves have anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity mediated via PG synthesis inhibition, antihistamine, membrane stabilizing and antioxidant activity.

Anti-tussive: In non-productive cough nirgundi significantly inhibits cough reflexes with its peripheral anti-tussive action and provides instant relief from dry cough.

Anti-osteoporotic: Vitexdoin in nirgundi modulate the bone formation and resorption process through increasing osteoblast proliferation and production of alkaline phosphatase.