Millennium Herbal care launches GynoVash

Millennium Herbal care launches GynoVash

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  • India’s first all-natural intimate wash for women
  • Uses revolutionary foam based application
  • Promotes good bacteria and protects against bad bacteria

Millennium Herbal Care has recently launched GynoVash, its latest women’s intimate wash brand. This also happens to be India’s first all-natural intimate wash for women. The brand looks to completely transform this segment with its revolutionary ‘foam based application’ as against the conventional liquid based variants.

The foam enables the cleansers to penetrate and ensure deep cleansing. GynoVash is clinically validated to promote the growth of good bacteria that improves lactic acid immunity, and protect you from bad bacteria, that cause unpleasant odors and vaginal infections.

Under the umbrella of Millennium Herbal Care, a leading manufacturer of plant-based health therapies that include dietary supplements, Ayurvedic products, and skin & hair care beauty regimes. As a feminine hygiene wash, GynoVash is essential to protect and refresh the vagina.

It prevents odor, irritation, itching and burning. Because it is an all-natural intimate foam cleanser, Gynovash is gentle enough for everyday use, even during periods. GynoVash’s herbal formula blends the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda with modern science. Suitable for all skin types, it is enriched with highly effective ingredients, making it the most nourishing and balancing intimate wash.

Gynovash's all-natural ranges of intimate hygiene foam cleansers are available in 3 variants:


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