May I have your undivided attention, please?

May I have your undivided attention, please?

By Dr. Milind Patil

Let's start at the beginning. ADHD is a disorder that has a difficult to remember full form - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is a problem of not paying enough attention to things in general and studies, as the name suggests. It is also linked to hyperactivity, which describes a child who is excessively agitated and energetic to the point where he could hurt or harm himself. Children are being affected by ADHD more frequently these days. Online learning has, regrettably, made things worse. 

Although the exact aetiology of ADHD is unknown, some scientists believe that the genetic make-up of youngsters forces them to behave excitably throughout their entire lives. However, many specialists and laypeople agree that this issue is caused by people using the internet, smart phones, and other gadgets excessively 24 hours a day. This constant information overload on the brain makes it unstable and hyperactive. And more crucially, there is a lack of parental involvement in the child due to a variety of different factors, such as dual occupations that deprive the child of loving relationships and quality time. And as was already said, the prevalence of ADHD has increased due to online learning.

Whatever the underlying origin, it is a reality that exists in today's urban, wealthy society. ADHD has integrated seamlessly into the modern nuclear family, which is preoccupied with a myriad of mostly material and commercial concerns and lacks the time to sit and reflect on anything.

It makes sense that the affected child finds it challenging to focus on their academics and perform well in class. Even when performed in some way, homework is frequently finished incorrectly, late, and with a multitude of errors. 

Modern psychology has its own biochemical explanations to offer, quickly followed by medications belonging to certain classes of drugs acting on the central nervous system. However, over time, these drugs can potentially impair personality development due to their numerous negative effects.

Counseling from a parent or other caregiver who sincerely loves and cares about the child is the greatest strategy to treat ADHD. The foundation of treatment is spending time with the child and providing an example of how to act, how to focus on chores, etc. To accomplish this, the worried parent must set aside quality time. 

If any medication is to be administered, it should be as natural as possible. This is where INTELLEC tablets and syrup by Millennium Herbal Care could be considered. INTELLEC contains well researched and evidence backed pure, standardized, herbal ingredients like Brahmi, Mandukparni, Shankhpushpi, etc. that have been shown to enhance the brain's and nervous system's functions while enabling the cognitive capability by enhancing the child’s ability to concentrate on the work at hand. It makes the brain more efficient of shutting down and falling asleep at the appropriate times, preventing sleep deprivation, and ensuring that the child's brain is alert and fresh when they wake up.

We really believe that parental love and care, along with a slower pace of life and less use of technology, can help to significantly reduce this affliction. INTELLEC can serve as a secure and organic catalyst throughout the procedure.

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