• I would be very grateful if you could tell me how I can get some more Antarth. I had some prescribed while in India having Ayurvedic treatment for my osteoarthritis. It gave me great relief to my pains!

    Mr. T. Stride (England)

  • I am feeling clinically better with Antarth, an Ayurvedic medicine, since 3 months, and have stopped using Voveron 150 MG and steroid 7.5 MG, which I had been taking for last 5 years.

    Mr. P. K. Goenka (Kolkata)

  • Jai Jinendra! I am A. Khajuria, a Jain from Rajkot. My wife, 47 yrs, has been suffering from pain in her knee joints for the past several months. Her x-rays show that it’s the beginning of wearing out of her bone of the knees. My sister-in-law, staying in Mumbai, was suffering from the same problem. She used ur S.G.Capsules for some time, and she feels better now. I tried to get ur capsules from Rajkot dealers, and also from Ahmedabad pharmacists, but in vain. Also, besides taking the sg capsules regularly, kindly advice me as to any other parallel treatment or medicines or precautions necessary to get a better and faster result. I shall be ever thankful to you for the same.

    Mr. A Khajuria (Rajkot)

  • Thank you for the demo product you let me use - it's bringing me great benefit, following a serious car accident, leaving my knees in a bad way, and recovering from a broken collar bone.

    I would like to buy more of the Antarth capsules at this time. Please let me know how to do this. Your website does not have a shopping facility, so let me know whether I need to buy these direct from India, or whether you have U.S. retailers.

    Bella P. (USA)

  • Do you sell Antarth to the UK? I would like to have a regular supply as I found it greatly helped me with my arthritis.

    G. Bird (UK)