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About the drug

Hepatitis is the inflammation of the liver. Hepatitis is caused by virus. The hepatitis virus is of five types A, B,C, D and E. Viral infection, and liver dysfunctions are caused by virus, toxic substances drugs and diseases. Excessive alcohol intake can cause damage to the liver which is called as alcoholic liver disease. Effect of hormones on liver enzyme, alkaline phosphate during pregnancy causes Cholestasis of pregnancy.

Heptovit SGC and syrup contain powerful and proven herbs to repair the damaged liver cells and restore the liver functions. It is a proven liver-protective, liver corrective and anti-viral. It efficiently lowers the raised levels of liver enzymes. It therefore stimulates appetite and improves the digestive functions.

Heptovit SGC and syrup also provide Choleretic and Cholagogue actions.

How it works?

  • Daruharidra and Kutki are medicinal herbs that repair and protect liver cells, improve liver functions. It provides symptomatic relief to the patient
  • Kalmegh is a standard and proven liver-protective. It repairs and protects the liver cells. It has effective antioxidants to fight against liver toxins and free radicals
  • Bhuiamla effectively treats hepatitis B and jaundice. It is used for the effective functioning of the liver
  • Punarnava roots are helpful in the treatment of jaundice and indigestion
  • Soonth acts as an anti-viral. It helps reduce the symptoms of viral infection
  • Pittapapda helps regenerate the liver tissues


Heptovit SGC and syrup can be used in the conditions of viral hepatitis A and B. It improves liver functions in drug and toxic induced hepatitis. It is also used in the conditions of alcoholic liver disease and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). It is used for the treatment of early stage of liver cirrhosis.

Direction for use

For adults

Syrup: 10-15ml should be taken twice or thrice daily for 1-2 months or as directed by the physician.

SGC’s: 1-2 SGC’s to be taken twice or thrice daily for 1-2 months or as directed by the physician.

For children:

5ml syrup should be taken twice or thrice daily for 1-2 months or as directed by the physician.

Scientific Information

The proven, hepato-protective, anti-viral and cholagogue


  • Effectively brings down the raised levels of SGOT, SGPT, ALP & Bilirubin within a week to ten days
  • Protects, repairs and regenerates hepatocytes as a potent hepatoprotective and hepatostimulant
  • Improves bile flow due to its choleretic and cholagogue action
  • Improves liver functions and helps to detoxify the body
  • Stimulates appetite, improves digestion and helps optimum assimilation of nutrients

Product Concept

Heptovit combines potent and powerful herbs in optimum therapeutic dosage to correct and restore liver functions impaired due to various toxins, drugs, alcohol and prolonged illness. Heptovit also protects and prevents further liver damage.

Mode of Action


Berberis aristata (Daruharidra), Andrographis paniculata4 (Kalmegh), Phyllanthus niruri5 (Bhuiamla)


Boerrhavia diffusa3 (Punarnava), Zingiber officinale1 (Soonth), Phyllanthus niruri5 (Bhuiamla)


Fumaria parviflora2 (Pittapapda), Boerrhavia diffusa3 (Punarnava)


Andrographis paniculata (Kalmegh), Boerrhavia diffusa3 (Punarnava)


The result may vary from person to person depending on the individual body condition, severity of the ailment and pattern of application/intake, etc.

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